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Our selection of video streaming services, from anything from an event to a conference, Live Stream Solutions provides the best service for your needs.

Work Events

Livestreaming work events has become an increasingly popular, meaningful and effective way to engage with a wider and receptive audience. Broadcasting these events in real-time, businesses and companies are able to reach employees, clients, and stakeholders from all over the world.


Livestreaming sporting events has transformed the way people experience and engage with their favorite sports and watching the people who play them. By broadcasting these events in real-time, people  can now witness the action as it happens, no matter their location.


Livestreaming wedding events has become an increasingly popular way to include those who are unable to attend in person. You could broadcast your special moments in real-time, couples can share their joy and celebration with loved ones from all over the world, regardless of distance.


Livestreaming funeral events has emerged as a valuable tool to allow friends and family to participate and pay their respects, even when they cannot physically attend the service. This technology enables loved ones from around the world to come together virtually and honor the life of the departed.

Welcome to the World of Livestreaming!

Business professionals of all sizes, from corporations to government departments, industry associations, and entrepreneurs, are now attending Atlantis to host their seminars, presentations, and company-wide training online.

With Atlantis, you can provide your employees with a platform where they can not only watch but also participate in town hall meetings and other activities from anywhere in the world. Customize your meetings with Q&A sessions, surveys, and even polling, and engage with massive audiences from any corner of the globe. 

Our expert engineers ensure that your direct streaming event reaches your audiences without interruptions. We also specialize in live and pre-recorded on-demand streaming events for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Our pay-per-view and subscription-based streaming can securely access any device with an internet connection.

By making your sales training seminars available online, you can save the cost of in-person events and make them immediately accessible to a broader audience, including people and corporations worldwide. We take care of the entire live-streaming process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on the essential aspects of your event.

To get started, contact our livestreaming specialists today at 0408-205-900.

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With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our superior live streaming and video production services. We strive to expand your audience to reach devices far and wide.

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Our customers always come first. We exist to offer premium video services for reasonable prices. We use only the highest quality High Definition equipment, ensuring your message is heard and uninterrupted.

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We tailor our services to fit to your needs. We provide up to four cameras, link to your sound system to ensure pristine sound quality, and connect the power point into the live stream for comfortable viewing. Our set ups can also be configured to allow real time Questions and Answers from your remote viewing audience, allowing remote viewers to fully participate in the live streaming event.

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Atlantis are established experts in live streaming, with a sizable number of ongoing clients both large and small. Please feel free to discuss your needs with no obligation with a member of our team. You can contact us by telephone, email, or by using the ‘Contact’ tab

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