Video Streaming Service Options

Our selection of video streaming services, from anything from an event to a conference, Live Stream Solutions provides the best service for your needs.

Work Events

Livestreaming work events has become an increasingly popular, meaningful and effective way to engage with a wider and receptive audience. Broadcasting these events in real-time, businesses and companies are able to reach employees, clients, and stakeholders from all over the world.


Livestreaming sporting events has transformed the way people experience and engage with their favorite sports and watching the people who play them. By broadcasting these events in real-time, peopleĀ  can now witness the action as it happens, no matter their location.


Livestreaming wedding events has become an increasingly popular way to include those who are unable to attend in person. You could broadcast your special moments in real-time, couples can share their joy and celebration with loved ones from all over the world, regardless of distance.


Livestreaming funeral events has emerged as a valuable tool to allow friends and family to participate and pay their respects, even when they cannot physically attend the service. This technology enables loved ones from around the world to come together virtually and honor the life of the departed.